Our special attention to the environment is confirmed by the certification EN ISO 14001:2015 and it is performed through a sound management of waste and energy resources. In particular, we have implemented a 200 kw photovoltaic system on our roof, which allows us to reach a yearly reduction of pollutant emissions in the atmosphere according to the following table:

Thermoelectric production equivalent
Sulphur dioxide (SO2) 140,80 Kg
Oxides of nitrogen (NOx) 87,81 Kg
Particulate 4,39 Kg
Carbon dioxide (CO2) 105,83 t

Geothermic production equivalent
Sulphureted hydrogen (H2S) (geothermal fluid) 42,73 Kg
Carbon dioxide (CO2) 3,99 t


Tonne of oil equivalent (TEP) 49,13 TEP

Environment Certificate